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Some rules to encourage civilised wiki usage

  • This is a public place. Try to avoid offending readers.
  • Use a writing style suitable for a technical university audience. Designs can be egregious, but not gay.
  • Sign your work on discussion pages.
  • No spoofing when signing edits.
  • Attribute your sources to avoid accusations of plagiarism.
  • Attach files instead of linking to URLs wherever possible.
  • No arguments-by-editing, e.g. changing a word of a sentence you disagree with. Instead, add your opinion to the page, making the disagreement clear.
  • Keep disagreements civil and non-personal.
  • Clean up after yourself. If you wrote something that grows old, remove it.
  • Clean up after other people. It is OK to improve others work.
  • If you struggle to understand, or disagree with, anything, post a question or comment.
  • Use the normal page tab of any topic for distilled encyclopaedia-like info, and the discussion tab for work in progress, debates, & noting what you wrote on the normal page.
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