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  • To redirect a page to another page, replace the page contents with:
    #redirect [[NewPage]]
  • To sign your name (with date), for example on talk pages:
    (MediaWiki will automatically convert it for you)
  • To sign your name (without date):
    • Wal provides rationale and etiquette guidelines here.
  • To place a page in a category, add:
  • To make an internal link:
    [[PageName | Page description]]
  • To make an external link:
    [http://www.example.com Site description]
  • To indent a paragraph, put a colon (:) at the start of it
  • To present one or more paragraphs in monospace font in a box, put a space ( ) at the start of it/them.
    • If only a small section of monospace font is required surround it with <tt>text</tt> tags.

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