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Hi, I'm Kris.

I completed my studies at Canterbury University in 2008 with a first class BSc(Hons). I am now working at Stickmen Studios in Christchurch central. They are the largest game developers in the south island, releasing downloadable games on home consoles such as the Wii.

Kris's Design Study

Hi Kris! Welcome back. Cool job! Can you tell us what you're working on at Stickmen? -- Wal

Hi Wal. Yeah, it can be pretty fun! Unfortunately I can't say too much, since this is a public site. I'm working on "Project I" currently. There's a teeny tiny bit of info and artwork on the Stickmen website I linked above. I've been doing tools development and also development on the main game and we use C++ primarily. Johannes works here too actually. He was on another project, but was moved to ours for the moment. -- Kris

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