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  • Anyone can read the wiki without having an account, but to edit it you need to be logged in.
  • In order to log in, you need an account, which you can create yourself.
  • You should use your Real name for your account.

Set up your wiki account

  • Go to Special:Userlogin (shift-click to open another browser, so you can still read this page).
  • Follow the create account link.
  • Use your Real name for your account (but you can add a nickname later). This wiki implementation (unlike moin moin) does not require CamelCase page names, so just use "firstname lastname", with a space.
  • Set up your preferences.
    • You can add a nickname here.
    • IMPORTANT: Change your time zone to GMT + 12 hours.

Set up your wiki homepage

  • When you are logged in, your user name appears as a link at the top of the page.
  • Follow the link to set up your wiki homepage. (E.g. Wal's is User:Warwick Irwin.)
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