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Should we keep the wiki content from 2008 or delete it?

Decision: for now, we'll keep it.


I think that we should keep it, it seems a waste to let previous work go to waste. However, I think we should be able to remove information from last year that is deemed to not be up to standard. Because of the amount of information already on the wiki, the number of additions that we will be able to add may well be less. Maybe the marking schedule needs to be changed somehow to reflect this. - User:Matthew Harward

I agree with Mat in keeping the wiki up and maybe getting in more specific details of certain areas that may be unclear or because of time constraints was not completely reviewed. I feel extending this knowledge would me more productive for the community as a whole than re-inventing the wheel. User:Paul Williams

As an alumni, it'd be handy if we could still access it. This could just mean that we have to come and steal a local copy from Wal, but it is a little more handy being on the web. It would also serve to create an even better resource. It would just mean that you guys will need to be providing more quality, rather than the same quantity that we had to produce. From the sounds of it though, there is still a LOT of new material that could be added. -- Kris

I'll have to agree with the general sentiment... I think that it would be a shame to throw away this wiki. It'd be much better for everyone if we could work towards making it an even better resource. Plus, I think there is still lots of stuff we can do like providing examples for things, pros and cons, relationships and conflicts between principles etc. I think looking at that kind of stuff would be really useful and teach us a lot of stuff. -- Janina

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