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The Software Patterns Series

A series of books series of books documenting patterns for professional software developers produced by the Hillside Group:

  • Pattern Languages of Program Design. Edited by James O. Coplien and Douglas C. Schmidt. Addison-Wesley (Software Patterns Series), 1995. (See PLoP 1995). The original, produced after the first PLoP conference in 1994.
  • Pattern Languages of Program Design 2. Edited by John M. Vlissides, James O. Coplien, and Norman L. Kerth. Addison-Wesley (Software Patterns Series), 1996. More expertise from the experts.
  • Pattern Languages of Program Design 3. Edited by Robert C. Martin, Dirk Riehle, and Frank Buschmann. Addison-Wesley (Software Patterns Series), 1997. Includes international contributions.
  • Pattern Languages of Program Design 4. Edited by Neil Harrison, Brian Foote, Hans Rohnert. Addison-Wesley (Software Patterns Series), 2000. Includes Foote and Yoder's 'Big Ball of Mud' paper.
  • Pattern Languages of Program Design 5. Edited by Dragos Manolescu, Markus Voelter, James Noble. Addison-Wesley (Software Patterns Series), 2006. Includes patterns for middleware, concurrency and resource management problems, distributed systems... and meta-patterns.

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