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Quotes from the Trenches

(a.k.a. Random stuff heard in 427 discussions)

"Anything is sauteable if you have a big enough frypan" -- User:Michal Connole
"I'll no-op override you" -- User:BenjaminTaylor
"I'll no-op override your mum" -- User:Matthew Harward
"You were ok debating that in class, that's public speaking" -- User:AlexGee
"No, that's protected speaking..." -- User:Michal Connole
"If you throw up on the exam that will give you quite a lot of credit. I'd be delighted by that." -- User:Warwick Irwin
"It's almost like I burnt my base class" -- User:Paul_Williams
"You can talk the talk!" -- User:AlexGee
"Yeah but I can't implement the walk" -- User:Paul_Williams

Pick up lines

"I think our relationship has the 'becomes' problem, because I've become attracted to you." -- Anon
"Hi, I'm a computer scientist, can I come over and fix your laptop." -- Paul, used by Ben
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