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Hi, I'm Paul.
This is not actualy Paul Clark, just a place holder.

I'm doing COSC427 as part of a Computer Engineering degree. My OO (and java) experience consists of COSC224,324, and 325. And I have been programming micro-controllers in C for far too long to be jumping straight back into java and OO. :-(

Do we have a "Pages that need 'refactoring' category?" Because there are some that need work, but usually when I spot one I am busy doing something else and can't be bothered make it better.

My Design Study

The program prototype being developed for my design study is inspired by Jesse Schell's presentation at the DICE 2010 summit [1], and to a lesser extent Jane McGonigal's presentation at TED [2], and to a bigger extent the epicwin app which is presumably inspired by the same ideas espoused by the speakers mentioned above [3].

For a more thorough explanation see my design study page Abstracted Motivation.


I adapated someones history crumbs javascript for mediawiki. I am using it as a user javascript in Opera, greasemonkey users should be able to get this working too.

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