Wal's Fish Tank

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Wal's Fish Tank

This content is duplicated from Wal's Cosc324 lecture material of 2008. It has been reproduced with the permission of Lord Wal (One pattern to rule them all and in the design philosophy bind them!).

Simulated fish tank

  • Lots of different kinds of fish
  • Only ever one tank
  • Multiple views possible
  • Schools of fish
  • Remoras and barnacles
  • Fish spawn new fish



Only ever one tank

Fish Singleton


Multiple views possible (FishView is a gui view)

Fish Observer


Schools of fish

Fish Composite


Remoras and barnacles

Fish Decorator

Factory Method

Fish spawn new fish

Fish Factory

The Result

Fish Result

Note that this design does have flaws that are introduced by the use of patterns, see Design patterns break rules.

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