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Object Oriented Design Maxims

maxim:: (noun) A general truth or rule of conduct expressed in a sentence.

Let's use the term maxim to mean all the rules, laws, guidelines, principles, heuristics, strategies, patterns and idioms that are named by a standard phrase.

Maxim Hierarchy - An attempt at creating a hierarchy of maxims can be found here.


Clumps of Maxims

These are groups of Maxims, usually gathered by the developer(s) who proposed them.

COSC 427's:

Johnson and Foote's heuristics:

Riel's heuristics:

  • All of Riel's heuristics can be found here.

Bob Martin's principles:

Ken Auer 1995:

Alan Davis 1995:

To be completed...

William Brown 1998:

Joshua Bloch:

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