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Ken Auer is an OO guru who has been influential in the world of software patterns and who is now most strongly associated with eXtreme programming.



Auer became interested in patterns when he met and talked to Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck at OOPSLA 1987. He was part of the Hillside Group who met in 1993 "to forge a marriage of objects and patterns" [1]. Auer's contribution to the first official |Pattern Languages of Programs conference in 1994 became the chapter "Reusability through self-encapsulation" in Pattern Languages of Program Design, 1995. These represent Auer's patterns for dealing with the problem of object encapsulation and access to instance variables. Auer co-authored a chapter in Pattern Languages of Program Design 2, 1996 (see PLoP (Software Patterns Series)) with Kent Beck on the Lazy Optimization pattern [2].

Programming languages

Auer programmed in Smalltalk with Knowledge Systems Corporation (where Ward Cunningham also worked for short time) in the 1980s. He wrote an article about training Smalltalk developers in 1995 [3]. He then set up his own company, RoleModelSoftware and moved toward Java in the late 1990s.

eXtreme Programming

RoleModelSoftware was set up with the aim of building a eXtreme programming team. In 2002 Auer published the book Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win! (co-authored with colleague Roy Miller) [4]. At the third XP Agile Universe Conference in 2003 he proposed a revised version of the Rules for XP [5] (now available as [6]).

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